There are Numerous Benefits to Owning a Corrugator Machine

It is usually starch additives that give adhesives greater bonding power. For corrugated plants that rely on starch additives adhesive process, utilizing an advanced starch-mixing system, such as the FlexaMix, provides numerous advantages, such as:

  • Eliminating complete reliance on starch additives
  • Lessening the rate of starch consumption
  • Lowering energy costs
  • Utilizing untreated corrugator and flexo wastewater

It is also beneficial to use a mixing system that is made out of premium components and hardware that can stand up to continual tough operating conditions. The innovative FlexaMix viscometer, measures the viscosity in real time. The viscometer is so accurate that it allows for the operator to enter the final viscosity value desired into the formula which is then achieved consistently batch-to-batch. In addition, the accuracy of the viscometer allows for the elimination of starch additives, providing significant savings.

Partnering with the Right Supplier

It can be a challenge finding a corrugated solutions provider. Not all solution providers are created the same. At RapidBond, as a full solutions provider in the industry, we offer a full line of equipment, including resin dosers, starch silos and supersacks, adhesive storage tanks, caustic storage tanks, and loops and pumps. Essentially all equipment needed to distribute and produce adhesive in a corrugated plant. RapidBond is a corrugating solutions provider with a strong track record and experience.

Corrugator Machine Benefits

Manufacturers who purchase the right mixing system are privy to a number of benefits. Their unit will be environmentally friendly, offers hybrid mixing technology, manufactured with durable hardware components. Such a system can provide a rapid return on investment, typically of less than one year. When installing a corrugator machine, it is also important to demand exceptional customer service as part of the package.

The Impact of Corrugated Board

Corrugate board has a major impact on the industry. As a renewable source of shipping and packaging material, it can be used for just about any product. It is not surprising that at least half of worldwide goods are packaged, stored, transported, and merchandised using corrugated board and packaging. The product is versatile, lightweight, and protects well against humidity and cold. This is why it is so popular throughout the world.