The FlexaMix – A Timely Update to the Corrugating Machine

Lately, more and more companies have turned to the corrugated board for their packaging or shipping needs. With the many features the corrugated board offers, it’s no wonder that it’s become their preferred choice. Among its notable characteristics are that it’s recyclable and lightweight, yet sturdy enough to withstand various weights and weather conditions. But most importantly, the corrugated board isn’t as expensive as its other counterparts.

To match the increase in their demand, so also have the plants specializing in corrugated board production felt a dramatic increase. However, it’s not enough to just produce the corrugated board with old-fashioned methods, with the same corrugating machine.

With the advancing technology and stricter environmental laws in the modern workspace, innovations in production techniques have not just become the norm – these days, they’ve also become the standard.

This is Where RapidBond Comes In

With over five years’ experience as Latin America’s premier supplier of affordable, high quality products and technology to the corrugated industry, you’re assured of reliable service here at RapidBond. To be able to make sure our products and services are of the highest possible quality, we utilize our creativity to come up with effective solutions.

Introducing: The FlexaMix

Our FlexaMix stands as a testament to our creativity and innovation in the craft, as it provides the answers to some of the prevalent problems affecting the average corrugating machine today. Because of this, RapidBond’s FlexaMix has become the go-to starch mixing module and has been installed in over 235 locations worldwide.

But what makes the FlexaMix stand out? Here are just some of its notable features:

  • It’s cost-efficient.
    The FlexaMix, allows you to get rid of the usual expensive starch additives, while also reducing your starch consumption to an average of 1.6 LBS/MSF. Instead of these, the only ingredients you’ll need for the Flexamix now are the more affordable options of: water, caustic, borid acid, and unmodified, native pearl starch, like corn, tapioca, wheat, and potato.
  • It’s fully automated.
    Another way the FlexaMix helps manage your costs is by offering you a highly-automated system to work with. With this in place, there is no more room for human error or labor – all of which leads to faster, better service, along with the chance to direct your remaining human employees to more productive ventures.
  • It’s environment-friendly.
    It’s because of these two features that the most important benefit of our FlexaMix now comes into play.

As one of the former problems with the corrugating machine was its mass consumption of waste water, we have worked our way around this by decreasing our starch adhesive consumption and by re-using all of the waste water coming out of your corrugated machine. With this environment-friendly feature in place, you’re also assured of the lower costs that the FlexaMix offers.