Safer and More Effective Alternatives to Applying Your Starch Adhesive

Thanks to the rapidly-increasing demand for corrugated boards, the corrugated industry has begun to enjoy a significant business boom. With the many advantages the corrugated boards offer, there is little surprise in most companies’ decisions to make the switch for their packaging and shipping needs.

Behind the success of corrugated boards certain standards and requirements must also be met by those in charge of the corrugated boards’ production – most notable of which are their environment-friendliness, as well as the health and safety of their employees. At the same time, the product’s quality and cost must not be compromised from the starch adhesive to the other components.

RapidBond: The Name to Trust
With RapidBond, you’re immediately assured of our products’ quality, as well as the standards we’ve set in place to facilitate their production. As experienced specialists in the production of corrugated boards, our technicians and staff have devised several ways of combatting some of the problems that have long plagued the corrugated industry.

The results: our FlexaMix and Liquid Borax.
The FlexaMix
Our flagship product is the FlexaMix, the only sustainable starch mixing system in North America. As the innovative answer to former problems of the corrugating industry, the FlexaMix boasts a wide number of advantages:

  • It eliminates the use of starch additives.
  • It significantly reduces starch consumption.
  • It’s fully-automated.
  • It achieves high pin numbers.
  • It uses natural products to make your starch adhesive, like native pearl starch and water you can recycle or reuse.

Because of these, the FlexaMix is your more environment-friendly, more cost-effective, and ultimately, more efficient option.

Liquid Borax
One of the more important aspects of corrugated board production is the usage of starch adhesives. When applying the starch adhesive, the former practice was to use powdered borax. However, recent studies and trends have dismissed the powdered borax as a health, safety, and environmental risk – all of which have led us at RapidBond to come up with innovative ways to address these concerns.

With the Liquid Borax and Liquid Boric Acid, many risks that came along with the handling of powdered borax have been reduced, if not removed altogether.

Producing starch adhesive for the corrugated boards used to involve the risk of inhaling the dust and possible mishandling of the powdered borax. But thanks to our liquefied products, plant safety and efficiency have been improved marginally.