Foaming Adhesive Greatly Improves The Quality Of Corrugated Materials

Corrugated materials are undoubtedly the most widespread and heavily relied-upon types of packaging and shipping materials in the world. This unique material is made of a few layers of a cardboard-like paper product. It has a signature combination of lightness and strength. Since corrugated materials are vital for so many companies and industries all over the world, manufacturing them in the strongest, most desirable and most efficient way possible is the best means of ensuring that you are completely successful. You may want to consider using a foaming adhesive for producing your corrugated packaging.

The Importance Of Foaming Adhesive In Corrugated Packaging

A lot of corrugated packaging features either single face or litho laminating. You know how heavily influential the packaging design can be. The way the images and designs on a packaging look can make or break a potential customer’s decision of whether or not to buy it. Most adhesives that are used in making corrugated packaging materials would cause the lamination to warp and develop wrinkles and ridges. If the lamination on a packaging looks this way, it will give a sloppy and unappealing impression. In order to make sure that the laminating lies flat at all times and looks exactly the way, it is supposed to; foaming adhesive will do the trick.

Other Benefits Of Foaming Adhesive

When you use foaming adhesive, you are spreading a smaller amount of adhesive over a certain distance than you would with normal glues. This makes you more efficient by reducing the amount of starch and adhesive you are using overall. Since this also means that a lesser amount of water is being applied onto the corrugated material, it greatly diminishes the possibility of warping and wrinkling. In addition, foaming adhesive has exceptional air-tight and waterproof properties and is amazingly strong.