How RapidBond Stands Out In the Converting industries

When it comes to leaders in the converting industries RapidBond stands out among the competition. We have years of experience in the converting industry, where you will find our technical assistance without equal in the obtainment of the highly specialized lines of parts and equipment, at competitive costs and of the highest levels of quality.

We provide our customers with all the products they need, eliminating the problem with requiring multiple suppliers to get the job done. This makes inventory control and ordering simple, easy and very effective.

Our Experience

RapidBond has extensive knowledge in developing and refining the use of starch glue and hot melt adhesive products throughout the United States as well as in Latin America. Working with some of the largest companies in supplying adhesives, coatings, cleaners and die plates and die cut storage options, we have the practical knowledge and experience to help you in any type of production needs.

Cutting Edge Technology

We don’t just follow the industry, we are on the leading edge of technology, introducing innovative systems such the FlexaMix to create starch adhesives and advanced pneumatic conveying systems.

Our systems provide significant operational cost savings, while distinguishing ourselves with the availability of resources to provide our clientele prestigious International known manufacturers and suppliers who provide optimal equipment, components parts and service.

To learn more about how RapidBond stands out from other converting industries suppliers give us a call or get in touch online, we would be happy to answer your questions and provide any information you require.