Liquid Borax – The Perfect Solution for Improving Plant Safety and Health


Liquid Borax and Liquid Boric Acid are the perfect aqueous solution in starch adhesive applications in order to avoid increasing health, safety, environmental concerns and regulations of powdered borax. These regulations are prevalent in many overseas markets and are already finding their way to our market. Getting ahead of the curve by integrating Liquid Borax and Liquid Boric Acid will allow plants to eliminate risks such as airborne dust inhalation, the handling of cumbersome powdered borax bags and general plant cleanliness. RapidBond is a premier provider of these products and our customers have proven time and again that Liquid Borax and Liquid Boric Acid are a safer and more effective means of improving plant processes.

Several benefits of using RapidBond’s Liquid Borax and Liquid Boric Acid include:

  • Eliminate the boric acid dust ingestion risks during operations.
  • Improve the effectiveness of borates to starches.
  • Stable and consistent starch glue viscosity.
  • Better starch tack and bonding performance.
  • Aqueous solution and RoHS

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Turn-Key Resin Solutions

In addition to FlexaMix™, we provide a host of turn-key solutions from equipment such as, resin dosers, adhesive storage tanks, starch silos, supersacks, Flexo Plate Storage Systems, along with a full line of products such as Wet Strength Resins, Starch Additives and Hot Melt Adhesives,

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