Foaming Adhesive

Foaming Adhesive Features and Advantages

When companies look for innovative solutions converting within the corrugated industry, they turn to RapidBond. We serve companies throughout North, Central, and North America. Our product, Flexamix™, is the perfect solution for companies and production requirements that require starch mixing solutions. If your company is looking for foaming adhesive advantages and features that no other corrugated solutions providers offers, we have the answer

As a cost saving technique, foaming adhesive is used quite commonly in single face and litho laminating applications. Due to the limitations of applying graphic print to corrugated material, single face lamination was developed. This technique compensates for the corrugated material’s natural thickness and sponge-like qualities.

At RapidBond we provide a foaming adhesive system that consists of adhesives formulated to be foamed. We also provide our own line of easy to use and maintain adhesive foaming units.

Features of our adhesive foaming unit include:

  • 100% automatic foaming system
  • PLC Controls (enable remote diagnostics and collection of data)
  • Stainless Steel Construction (promotes long equipment life)
  • Easy-to-use (enables simple training of plant personnel)

Top Technical Support

We believe in customer service. This means that you will have access to our technical support team whenever using our foaming adhesive products. It also means that we stand by our products. We have to—our reputation depends on it. If you find any of our products to be defective in material or workmanship, we will give you an immediate refund or replace the product.

We have extensive knowledge of adhesive foaming adhesive and its applications. We can improve the bond, lay flay, and machine ability on a wide range of equipment that includes stock laminators, asitrade laminators, lamina laminators, and automation SF and new pack laminators.

Our Commitment to Customer Success

While Flexamix™ is our flagship product, we can provide you with an array of turn-key solutions that can be applied to your production processes. From resin dosers and storage tanks, to starch silos and supersacks, we can provide the foaming adhesive solutions to make your operations run smoother and more effectively.

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