Flexamix Provides Innovative Adhesive Bonding Solutions

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If your company is looking for an innovative and environmentally friendly bonding solutions for difficult substrates, Rapid Bond can provide the solutions you need. We have been successfully serving companies throughout North America along with Latin America for over decades.

Our FlexaMix™, is the first advent in starch kitchen technology since the introduction of high shear mixing over 25 years ago! While it’s important to note that the FlexaMix is able to run a Stein-Hall Formula, (as is only possible with our competitor’s mixers); we can also produce our Hybrid Mix starch process. This process grants the following benefits; specifically:

  • Guaranteed elimination of starch additive usage
  • Minimum 7% starch reduction consumption from other Stein-Hall starch kitchens available in the U.S.
  • Achieve high pin numbers
  • Full automation; no human error or labor
  • Use untreated corrugator and flexo wash water to make starch adhesive
  • Use any native pearl starch: Corn, Tapioca, Wheat, Potato

The documented savings here in the United States are tens of thousands of dollars per month with a payback period typically less than one year
These benefits of the FlexaMix and the Hybrid Mix are possible due to our in-line patent pending viscometer.  The viscometer is not mechanical, nor does it have any moving parts, it was designed exclusively for use with starch adhesive, thus it does not get gummed up or provides false readings.  The viscosity is read in real time during the batch process and the final viscosity desired can be pre-set into the formula and achieved consistently batch-to-batch.

We also recently introduced our FlexaMix Duo Continuous™ which along with the aforementioned benefits, is also able to produce 387 gallon batches every 17 minutes.  This particular starch kitchen is designed for the next generation of high speed (1500 FPM) and / or, high capacity corrugator facilities. 

OSHA Compliant

Our starch mixing systems are OSHA compliant and feature Allen-Bradley PLC controls, stainless steel flanged fittings and braided hoses and other easily obtainable components. The FlexaMix is built to a high standard that, with regular maintenance, is unlikely to ever cause you down time!

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