Would Your Packaging Benefit From Starch Additives?

Continuous advances in the packaging industry, and the growing emphasis on environmentally friendly packaging, mean that industry leaders are always looking for fresh ways to innovate. As part of the solution to this challenge we offer a range of starch additives which can enhance your product’s credentials at the same time as improving performance and reliability.

Starch Additives Offer a Dependable Seal

Starch additives not only provide an organic, inactive bulking agent for cardboard, they can also be used to size and coat the paper. Once used as a coating, the starch will gelatinize upon heating, and form a strong bond with whatever it touches. This bond ensures that packaging remains intact, even when subjected to considerable wear and tear.

Starch Additives as Adhesives Offer a Reliable Solution

In comparison with other fastening methods such as rivets or welding, starch additives are less likely to corrode or weaken. Adhesives also put less stress on the material being bonded, enhancing performance and reducing the risk of an untimely fracture. Frequently, using an adhesive can save weight without compromising on the integrity of the join you end up with.

Well-Established Company Offering Starch Additives and a Range of Other Products

We are a niche provider of adhesives, resins, additives and equipment for the corrugated packaging industry. With more than twenty-five years of experience behind us, we know what our customers want and always do our best to ensure that they receive it. If competitively priced, high-quality starch additives and related products are essential to your business outcomes, we can help. To find out more or discuss your requirements in more detail, call us at (619) 423-9943.