One-Stop Solution for Your Wet Strength Resins

A major challenge for packaging companies is to design and produce a product that’s immune to the effects of moisture. Unfortunately, without an appropriate water proofing agent being employed, cardboard packaging is likely to disintegrate once it gets wet. For applications such as frozen food packaging or similar uses, wet strength resins provide the answer.

We Offer a Range of Wet Strength Resins

As a niche company that specializes in providing the corrugated packaging sector with resins, additives, coatings and cleaners, we offer wet strength resins which will keep your products bonded, even in challenging conditions. Benefiting from excellent water resistance, our resins are also economical and versatile.

Wet Strength Resins Application Equipment

As well as the resins themselves, we also offer a range of storage tanks, silos and dosers for use with the wet strength resin. Whatever you need for the successful delivery of resin into your corrugated packaging process, we can typically provide or help with a complete solution. Our team is highly experienced and are happy to offer advice and product recommendations as required.

Cost-Effective Wet Strength Resins

We know that price is always a key consideration for our customers, which is why we work hard to keep overheads low and provide our products at an economical cost, without ever compromising on the quality and value of what you receive. To find out more about how we can help when it comes to your wet strength resin options, or for anything else, call us at (619) 423-9943.