Innovative Starch Adhesive Offers Safe, Environmentally Friendly Alternative

From our twenty-five years of experience in serving the corrugated packaging industry, we know that quality, value and environmental friendliness are all important when it comes to the materials used. To meet this demand, we’ve developed an exceptional starch adhesive that offers numerous benefits to our customers.

Starch Glue That Can Be Used Hot or Cold

Unlike other adhesives, which frequently need to be heated in order to bond, our starch glue can be used at almost any temperature – simply mix with water and the bonding process begins. Suitable for use on many different surfaces, the glue is odorless and tasteless. We create our glue from natural materials, providing a vegetable starch based product that offers excellent performance as well as being a planet-friendly choice.

Experienced Niche Company Offering Hot Melt Adhesive

One of our most popular products is our hot melt adhesive. Extremely versatile and providing a firm bond, this choice is suitable for use on glass, recycled cardboard and some coatings. This adhesive works well in both hot and cold temperatures, offering reliable bonding that conforms with all relevant legislation when it comes to food packaging.

Starch Adhesive and Many More Top-Quality Products

We aim to offer every customer a comprehensive selection of solutions which will enable them to produce high-caliber, cost-effective packaging that’s also dependable and made from environmentally responsible ingredients. To find out more about our starch adhesive and how it might work for your business, call us at (619) 423-9943.