Industries Rely on Effective Wet Strength Resins

Whether they are packaging manufactured parts to be shipped to a supplier or are preparing a finished product for delivery, companies around the globe rely on sturdy boxes made from corrugated cardboard to keep their products intact. A key element of this is the waterproof adhesive that holds the corrugated board together when it comes in contact with water or moisture. Without it, boxes would simply disintegrate in transit and contents would become lost or damaged.

The Paper Products Industry

The corrugated industry relies on the services of professionals who specialize in wet strength resins to ensure that their product can transport other goods securely. Also to improving the strength of cardboard boxes, these resins also add strength to paper products such as paper towels, tissues and liner board. Many paper products must be able to get wet without losing their strength or efficacy. In fact, they are specifically designed to handle liquids.

At RapidBond, Inc., we have built a reputation as a corrugated solutions provider, supplying the necessary chemicals and equipment that meet the many demands of the corrugated industry across North, South and Latin America. Our resin is a general purpose ketone formaldehyde resin used to waterproof starch adhesives. Wet strength resins improve the strength of paper when it is wet, without affecting its ability to absorb moisture. These resins are used in the production of common paper items such as paper towels, toilet paper, diapers, tissues, coffee filters, and so forth. They help paper to stiffen and remain strong when it comes in contact with water.

Wet Strength Resins Contain Different Levels of Solids

Not all wet strength resins are created equal. They vary in the percentage of solids in each formulation, depending on the needs of the Customer. At RapidBond, Inc., we offer 40, 50 and 60 percent solids in three different formulas-RBR-40, RBR-50 and RBR-60. Although each is designed for specific application needs, they all share these main characteristics:

  • They are versatile and economical
  • They have excellent resistance to water
  • They have good pin adhesion
  • Their bonding properties are unmatched

Proud to be a Solutions Provider

At RapidBond, Inc., not only are we proud to offer quality resins that improve the products manufactured by others, we are thrilled that our contribution to these products makes the lives of people around the world so much easier.