Wet Strength Resins Provide a Range of Applications

The corrugated industry provides a range of uses and applications for packaging and displays. As it stands, corrugated is the most recovered form of packaging. The vast majority of containers produced can be recycled. Unfortunately, wet conditions can ruin both containers and the products they are supposed to protect.

The Use of Wet Strength Resins

These resins are widely used to resist moisture in humid or wet environments. Their application provides an excellent solution to protect boxes from getting wet. Agriculture, meat, and cold storage facilities provide ample opportunities for product storage boxes to get damp. It is critical to keep these products safe and free from moisture damage. No doubt, millions of dollars, are lost as a result of moisture damage. These industries could not exist as we know them if not for the application of moisture-resistant resins.

Wet strength resins provide the following benefits:

  • Versatility in bonding to various surfaces
  • Consistency across numerous substrates and applications
  • Solid pin adhesion
  • Formulations that are economical
  • Excellent water resistant qualities
  • Strong viscosity stability

At RapidBond, we provide industry solutions and are among the leading suppliers of wet strength resins that are useful for a variety of applications. Supplying some of the largest corrugated packaging companies is a core focus. There is also great industry demand for liquid borax, hot melt, liquid photopolymers, coatings, (including wax replacement coatings). In addition, we also provide resin dosers, starch silos & supersacks, adhesive storage tanks, caustic storage tanks, loops & pumps; in short, anything required to produce & distribute starch adhesive in a corrugated plant.