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Innovative Solutions for the Corrugating Industry

Corrugated board provides an economical, effective, and renewable source of packaging and shipping material for just about any product. In fact, approximately half of all manufactured goods worldwide are packed, stored, transported, or merchandised using corrugated packaging.

This versatile product has many characteristics –it’s lightweight, and it provides good protection against humidity and cold, as well as high mechanical resistance, and more. That’s why it is the preferred choice for even the most demanding industries.

A corrugator generates vast quantities of waste water in the preparation of starch adhesive, and ever increasing environmental regulations mean new ways have to be found to try and re-use this water, as not only is it expensive to treat, but in an era of drought, it is the responsible thing to do.

Liquid BoraxThe typical dust risks to human health from the operations of granular borates are completely eliminated. Liquid Borax provides a better and more effective alternative to easily and safely modify starch physical properties. Learn more about Liquid Borax…

Introducing FlexaMix™

RapidBond’s FlexaMix™ is the first and only truly sustainable starch mixing system in North America. It’s patent-pending viscometer helps do away with the need for expensive starch additives, lowers starch adhesive consumption and allows you to re-use up to 100% of the waste water generated by your corrugated machine. We are the exclusive distributor of FlexaMix™ in the Western Hemisphere.

Wet Strength Resins

Wet Strength Resins are also widely used in the corrugated industry, as it is economical and ideal for providing moisture resistance to boxes in wet or humid environments. Typical applications include boxes used in agriculture, meats or cold storage facilities. RapidBond is one of the leading wet strength resin suppliers, and we are proud to supply some of the biggest corrugated packaging companies. We also manufacture and supply coatings, starch additives, hot melt adhesives, as well as:
  • RapidBond Wet Strength Resin Dosers
  • RapidBond Storage Tanks
  • RapidBond Flexible Interior Starch Silos
  • RapidBond Rigid Exterior Starch Silos
  • Rapid flow Super Sack Bulk Starch Systems
We develop products that are innovative and exclusive to push the envelope in our industry.

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